What does YAAG mean?
YAAG stands for Yet Another Assesments Generator.
What is YAAG?
YAAG is a web application able to generate Math assessments (worksheets, quizzes, and tests).
Whom is YAAG useful to?
YAAG is useful to High School students and teachers.
What formats is YAAG generating?
YAAG may generate assessments in TEX, PDF, and DOCX formats.
Are the answers provided?
Yes, YAAG may include the answers.
May I see some samples of YAAG assesments?
Yes, please visit:
Which topics are covered by YAAG at this time?
Polynomial, Rational, Trigonometric, and Exponential Functions are completed.
How can access YAAG?
In order to access YAAG you need to create an account. You will receive an email when your account is activated.
How can I create an account with YAAG?
In order to create an account with YAAG, please visit:
Why do I need an account?
YAAG does not have yet enough resourses to be open to large audiences.
What happens to my personal information?
YAAG does not exchange users personal information with third parties.